Airtel, Jio, and Vi to Give eSIM- Details About eSim Smartphones Support Device & Price in India

Airtel, Jio and Vi to Give eSIM

Although eSIM technology has been around for some time, few people are aware of it. This is due to the fact that not all smartphones have this connectivity feature, and adding it costs money because it necessitates making a special area on the motherboard. One of the companies that provide the choice on the majority of its cellphones is Apple. Although it is only available on their most costly devices, Samsung and Motorola also do it. Additionally, Google offers eSIM support.

In-depth analysis of the Airtel, Jio, and Vi eSIM tech work, smartphone supporting device & Price in India

What is an eSIM?

It’s an electronic SIM, in case you were wondering. No, it isn’t; the phone’s motherboard has the eSIM technology soldered or built into it. As it avoids having to add a second SIM card slot to the device, this option is also available on smartwatches and drones.

To put it simply, this digital or integrated SIM enables consumers to activate a cellular plan from their carrier without the need for a traditional nano-SIM. Only Bharti Airtel, Jio, and Vi provide eSIM support for Android and iOS handsets in India.

Which Smartphones Support the eSim?

Most iPhones, as was already established, support the feature. iPhones with an iPhone 6 or later can use eSIM. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and S21 series phones, all Z Fold smartphones, and Z Flip gadgets all enable this feature. The Motorola Razr and Google Pixel 2 and later are other Android smartphones.

However, the major issue here is determining whether cellphones support this eSim and whether they must be compatible with this technology.

How to enable eSIM?

Although it differs from operator to operator, the procedure to activate or enable an eSIM is quite straightforward. Telcos don’t charge extra for an eSIM, and the same number is sent with your regular plan as well. Additionally, eSIM is supported by Airtel and Jio on both prepaid and postpaid rates. The eSIM option is only available on postpaid plans with Vi.

Airtel: SMS your eSIM email address to 121.

Via: SMS 199 with your registered eSIM email address.

GETESIM to 199 from Jio.

The Settings app has the IMEI and EID numbers.

Users will then receive an SMS from each carrier and must follow the instructions. On the registered email ID, users will eventually receive a QR code that needs to be scanned. Make sure the email ID is accurate, too. Downloading the corresponding carrier apps, such as the Airtel Thanks app, Vi app, and MyJio app will allow you to check or update the email ID.

“Settings” > Samsung Choose “Connections” “SIM Card Manager” should be selected. “Add Mobile Plan” > “Add Using QR Code” should be clicked.

Apple: Select “Mobile Data” under “Settings” and then click “Add Data Plan.”

Different smartphones have different scanning procedures.

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