Amul & Mother Dairy have Raised Milk Prices by Rs. 2 per litre – Dairy Company To hike Prices

Amul & Mother Dairy have Raised Milk Prices by Rs. 2 per litre

Prices for milk have increased by Rs 2 per litre at Amul and Mother Dairy. The corporations have raised prices thrice so far this year. On August 17, the revised prices will go into effect.

Amul raised pricing this year in February. Following this, the price of Amul Gold milk increased to Rs 30 for 500 ml, Amul Taza to Rs 24 for 500 ml, and Amul Shakti to Rs 27 for 500 ml.

Amul Gold will cost Rs 31 for 500 ml, Amul Taaza Rs 25 for 500 ml, and Amul Shakti Rs 28 for 500 ml, respectively. The increase of Rs 2 per litre results in an MRP increase of 4%, which is less than the average increase in food prices.

Reasons for Milk Prices hike by Amul & Mother Dairy:

Due to an increase in the overall cost of operation and milk production, this price rise is being implemented. According to Amul, the cost of feeding cattle alone has gone up by almost 20% from the previous year. According to a statement from Amul, “Considering the growth in input costs, our member unions have also boosted farmers’ prices in the region of 8-9% over the previous year.”

In the Delhi-NCR, Mother Dairy raised milk prices by Rs 2 per litre in March. (National Capital Region). One of the top milk suppliers in the Delhi-NCR region, Mother Dairy sells more than 30 lakh gallons of milk daily through vending machines and poly packs.

A corporate representative stated on Tuesday that starting on August 17, 2022, the company will be “compelled” to increase the price of liquid milk by Rs 2 per litre. All milk varieties will be subject to the increased rates. From this Wednesday, full cream milk would cost Rs 61 per litre, up from Rs 59 per litre.

Toned milk would cost Rs. 51 per litre, while double-toned milk will cost Rs. 45 per litre. The cost of cow milk has increased to Rs. 53 per litre.

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