Complaint Against Amazon for Selling an Obscene Radha-Krishna Painting on its Website

Complaint Against Amazon for Selling an Obscene Radha-Krishna painting

Boycott Amazon started trendinig on Twitter as Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) on Friday claimed that the online shopping company Amazon for selling ‘obscene paintings’ of Radha-Krisna. 

A memorandum was filed with Bengaluru’s Subramanyanagar police station requesting action against Amazon, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti claimed. The painting was also sold on the website of Exotica India, HJS claimed, under the Janmaashtami sale. 

Januarymasthi was observed on August 18-19. HJS claimed the ‘obscene’ painting of Radha-Krsna was removed from Amazon website following their outrage. Members submitted a memorandum to the police inspector, Subramanya Nagara, requesting action against Amazon. 

The Hindu organization later claimed that the painting had been taken down quietly following the uproar. “It is not sufficient for Amazon to say they removed the image. They must apologise publicly and make clear they won’t do it again,” Hindu Janjagruti Samiti president Suresh Kalathur told AFP. “Amazon has not yet issued any comment over the controversy.” 

On previous occasions, Amazon has come under fire for allegedly hurting Indian sentiments. In 2018, a case was registered after its US website was found selling rugs and toilet seats with pictures of Hindu gods, according to local media reports. Last year, it faced criticism for selling bikinis with colors of the Karnataka flag on its Canadian website.

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