Every 9 Months, Instagram adds 100 million Users in India – Advertisers Gets Additional Opportunities to Reach Individuals 

Instagram adds 100 million Users in India

According to media strategists knowledgeable about business affairs, Meta’s Instagram photo and video sharing app adds 100 million Indian users every nine months and will pass the 400 million user milestone this month.

If you extrapolate the growth, Instagram has gained 100 million new users every nine months. In India, Instagram had 210 million users in February of last year, and by November, it had 309 million. According to a media planner, Instagram will have 400 million users by the end of this month after adding another 100 million users.

Instagram didn’t reply to a request for comments via email until the point of publication.

What happens if Instagram adds 100 million Users in India?

According to research published last month, from January to June of this year, Instagram was the most downloaded social media app for short, viral videos in India. Facebook recorded 86,600,000 downloads during the same time period, compared to 118,700,000 downloads for Instagram.

Other locally developed short video apps saw download numbers between 24,200,000 and 40,800,000.

Instagram’s expansion in India comes as parent firm Meta reported its first-ever quarterly revenue decline since going public for the period ending June 30.

The parent company of Facebook reported $28.8 billion in sales for the three months that ended in June, a 1% decrease from the same period last year.

The business’s net income for the quarter fell 36% from the prior year to $6.7 billion.

Reaching the four hundred million customers in India could provide advertisers extra possibilities to attain people.

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