Google threatens Employees with Possible Layoffs – Work Efficiently & Focus On Better Product Development 

Google threatens Employees with Possible Layoffs

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, there are too many people but not enough jobs at the company. Additionally, he counseled staff to work more productively and to focus on ways to enhance their offerings and serve customers. A Business Insider article claims that Google notifies staff members of layoffs.

Details about Google threatens Employees with Possible Layoffs:

According to the story, some of the company’s top executives have warned staff members that they must either show results or prepare for “blood on the streets.” In essence, the managers implied that if workers do not improve their performance, they should simply get ready for layoffs. Additionally, these officials stated that the upcoming quarterly earnings will determine whether or not layoffs would take place.

Well, things haven’t been going well at Google for a while. The software juggernaut imposed a hiring freeze a month ago in light of the continued economic slowdown. Employees feared layoffs even if Google didn’t formally discuss them at the time. That’s also due to a number of other Big Tech companies, including Netflix and Microsoft. Microsoft recently let go of close to 2000 workers, possibly as a cost-cutting tactic.

The CEO of Google requested staff members for suggestions on how to achieve “better results faster” and urged them to increase productivity last month. Pichai was cited as adding, There are legitimate worries that our productivity as a whole is not where it needs to be for the head numbers we have.

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