Italy bans Chat GPT as the war against AI gets started

Italy bans Chat GPT as the war against AI gets started

The organisation, also known as Garante, charged ChatGPT, which is supported by Microsoft Corp., with failing to verify the age of its users, who are expected to be 13 or older.

A brief about Italy bans Chat GPT as the war against AI gets started

According to Garante, ChatGPT lacks “any legal foundation that allows the extensive gathering and storage of personal data” for the purpose of “training” the chatbot. OpenAI has 20 days to reply with corrective measures; else, it may be subject to a fine of up to 4% of its annual global turnover.

A request for comment from OpenAI did not receive a prompt response.

On Friday night, ChatGPT was still responding to queries sent by Italian users.

Italy was the first Western nation to take action against an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, restricting ChatGPT’s usage of domestic users’ personal data.

Moreover, the chatbot cannot be used in regions of Africa, Iran, Russia, Hong Kong, mainland China, and China, where locals are unable to open OpenAI accounts.

Since it was introduced last year, ChatGPT has sparked a tech craze, inspiring competitors to produce comparable products and businesses to incorporate it or related technology into their apps and goods.

Legislators in numerous nations have become interested in the technology’s rapid development. Because AI may have an impact on national security, employment, and education, many experts claim that new legislation are required to control it.

According to European Commission Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager’s tweet, the European Commission, which is studying the EU AI Act, may not be inclined to outlaw AI.

“Regardless of the technology we employ, we must keep advancing our liberties and defending our rights. Because of this, we control how artificial intelligence is used rather than its technologies “She spoke. “Let’s not toss away what has taken decades to create in a few years.”

An enquiry for comments received no response from the EC.

In an open letter highlighting potential threats to society, Elon Musk and a group of artificial intelligence specialists and business executives called for a six-month halt in the development of systems more potent than OpenAI’s recently released GPT-4.

Information about how OpenAI trains its AI model is not publicly available.

The underlying issue, according to AI researcher and associate professor Johanna Björklund of Ume University in Sweden, is a lack of transparency. “You should be very upfront about how you conduct AI research,”

A UBS report released last month indicated that ChatGPT achieved 100 million monthly active users in January, just two months after its debut, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history.

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