Micro Labs Rejects Allegations Of Paying Rs.1,000 Crore Freebies To Doctors For Promoting Dolo 650  

Micro Labs Allegations

The pharmaceutical company Micro Labs has referred to the claims that it gave doctors gifts worth Rs. 1,000 crores in order to promote its anti-inflammatory medicine Dolo 650 as unfounded. An NGO informed the Supreme Court on Thursday that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has accused the Bengaluru-based pharmaceutical company of giving doctors free gifts totaling 1,000 crores in exchange for prescribing its 650 mg pills.

A brief about the Micro Labs Allegations Of Paying Rs.1,000 Crore Freebies To Doctors For Dolo 650: 

A representative for Micro Labs said in a statement that it has been mistakenly and maliciously claimed in some recent media reports that the business has been giving away freebies worth Rs. 1,000 crores to promote Dolo 650 in a single year.

Dolo 650 has had yearly sales of 360 crores rupees or around 8% of total business sales.

The representative pointed out that despite the raw material costs increasing during the COVID era, Micro Labs continued to provide its products without interruption and at the government-set retail price of less than $2 per tablet.

The spokesperson claimed that by using a cost-effective solution like Dolo 650, medical professionals nationwide have been able to treat the majority of their pandemic patients without the need for pricey antiviral and other medications.

Thus, it is highly absurd to consider giving out freebies worth thousands of crores. The company would like to make it clear that the sum in question represents the total sales and marketing costs incurred by the company for its whole India business over the course of the previous five years and allocated across its entire portfolio.

According to the manufacturer, doctors have recommended the drug because it provides quick, efficient relief from fever and has a reputation for excellence that spans three decades. We are working closely with the authorities to give them all the information and justification they need to make an informed decision.

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