No New Customers or Renewals: Users are Unable to Renew Zomato Pro-Off Menu Subscriptions

Zomato Pro-Off Menu Subscription

In 2020 and 2021, respectively, the Gurgaon-based business introduced Zomato Pro and Zomato Pro Plus. The Zomato Gold membership option was replaced by the Zomato Pro program. Pro members receive savings when placing online meal orders or dining at affiliated restaurants.

Why the users can’t renew Zomato Pro-Off Menu Subscriptions?

Customers are protesting about Zomato’s refusal to let them renew or join up for “Zomato Pro” on social media. In response to one of the concerns, the meal delivery service stated that Zomato Pro is not currently available since they are developing a new user experience.

The service was popular because it gave customers access to significant savings for both online and restaurant food orders. Active Pro users will still be able to take advantage of the program’s features, but new subscriptions or renewals will no longer be accepted, according to a Zomato spokeswoman.

Previously, people had to prefer Zomato’s Pro Plus service over Swiggy since it was so good. However, because Zomato has discontinued the Zomato Pro-Off Menu Subscriptions, it is now more challenging for users to use Zomato’s services. On Twitter, a lot of consumers voiced disappointment with Zomato’s choice.

The announcement from Zomato coincided with its efforts to improve its loyalty programs. The corporation has promised its users that it will contact them if there are any program upgrades in the interim.

According to insiders, Zomato is also thinking about larger-scale reorganization.

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