OnePlus 10 Pro Gets First Software Update of OxygenOS 13 Open Beta – Know All About It

OnePlus 10 Pro Gets First Software Update of OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

The OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone has received the first Open beta update for OxygenOS 13, which was just recently announced by the company. This is the first beta that is made available to the general public, and it has numerous problems and flaws. Therefore, it is suggested that users download this software update at their own risk. It is advisable to hold off on this upgrade until the stable version if you use the OnePlus 10 Pro as your primary device.

Here are all the new features that the new software version offers. Users will notice newly additional, sizable folders on the Home Screen after downloading the latest OxygenOS 13 upgrade. Now, users only need to tap once to launch an enlarged folder and swipe to turn the pages. Additionally, OnePlus improved the Quick Settings interface, introduced a media playback control, and included more markup tools for manipulating screenshots.

Additionally, the company has optimized Dolby sound effects and animations for Always-On Displays. For screenshots of chat sessions, there is also an automatic pixilation tool. To preserve your privacy, our system will help identify and automatically pixelate display names and profile photos in chat screenshots.

Your OnePlus phone will now assist in automatically clearing clipboard data for added privacy protection. The Private Safe has also been improved by the business. According to OnePlus, it has also improved earphone compatibility to provide consumers with a more smooth experience. The upgrade also includes an updated Quantum Animation Engine 4.0 version with a new behavior recognition capability, according to the change log.

Additionally, OnePlus has listed a few problems that users may run through after installing the OxygenOS 13 upgrade. The changelog notes that a dot will display abnormally while pairing Bluetooth, that capturing several images may cause them to blur, that recording a movie may cause the screen to stop, that some photos may not be saved, and that certain videos may seem green when taken in FILM mode. When using the Night mode to take photos in the dark, the images could also come out as black. You must have at least 4GB of storage space to install the update.

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