16 Years after his MBBS, a Doctor’s posts regarding His Monthly Income Goes Viral

a Doctor's posts regarding His Monthly Income Goes Viral

A doctor from Hyderabad disclosed that he was still paid 9,000 rupees per month 16 years after completing his MBBS. A neurologist at Apollo Hospitals named Dr. Sudhir Kumar was tweeting about how he discovered how to live simply after discovering that a “doctor’s life should be frugal.”

Details about 16 Years after his MBBS, a Doctor’s posts regarding His Monthly Income Goes Viral

The neurosurgeon posted on the microblogging platform, “Twenty years ago, I was also a new practitioner. After receiving my Doctor of Medicine in Neurology (2004), my salary was around $9,000 per month. This happened 16 years after I joined the MBBS. I learned how to live simply at CMC Vellore by observing my professors and realising that a doctor’s life should be frugal.”

In a tweet, the author claimed that it was challenging for “a young practitioner to conduct social work while he is trying to make ends meet himself.” He was responding to that tweet.

He discussed his mother’s reaction to his poor pay in another tweet. “I was content with that pay, but my mother was unhappy that I received a government office peon’s pay (where my father worked). She had witnessed my 12 years of diligent schoolwork, followed by 12 years of MBBS, MD, and DM studies. You can appreciate a mother’s love and suffering!” The doctor added.

He added that when he was studying, no one could visit him for a while. “At the age of 17, I took a second-class train from Bihar to Vellore (Tamil Nadu) by myself for interviews because my parents couldn’t afford to come along. During five years, no one from back home could visit me. took admission and ran things on my own for at least five years “said he.

Further outlining his circumstances, Dr. Kumar stated in a subsequent tweet, “had no more than two sets of clothes on hand while pursuing a medical degree. borrowed older editions of books from elderly people (could access new edition only in library). did not watch movies or eat in restaurants. neither smoked nor consumed alcohol.”

The blog entry has accumulated 70,000 views since it was shared. Many users have brought up how poorly paid the medical industry is.

“Yes, that was incredibly low. At that time, PhD students received a salary of 8000 per month (tax-free)! “a user stated.

In today’s environment, especially if you have a family to support, it’s not simpler to exist on a low salary, a third individual said.

“It is real. In India, doctors do not receive adequate pay. But hospital administration robs patients blindly. Neither the doctor nor the patient gain from this “another individual said.

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