452 freshers are let go by Wipro for doing poorly and failing an internal test

452 freshers are let go by Wipro for doing poorly and failing an internal test

Corporate employees are having trouble sleeping because of layoffs. Two of the world’s leading computer corporations, Google and Microsoft, announced significant layoffs last week. While Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella let go 10,000 employees globally, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sacked 12,000 workers. Wipro, one of India’s leading IT firms, has now announced layoffs as well.

Details about 452 freshers are let go by Wipro for doing poorly and failing an internal test:

Numerous fresh hires have reportedly been let go by Wipro due to poor performance. According to sources, the corporation recently performed an internal performance appraisal and asked staff with the lowest scores to quit. According to rumours, the business planned to let go of 800 people, although Wipro claims the figure is lower. Wipro told Business Today, “We had to let go of 452 freshers after they consistently underperformed in examinations even after training.

The IT firm commented on the layoffs, saying, “At Wipro, we take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standards. In line with the standards we aim to set for ourselves, we expect every entry-level employee to have a certain level of proficiency in their designated area of work. The evaluation process includes assessments to align employees with the business objectives of the organisation and the requirements of our clients.

According to reports, Wipro delivered termination notices to affected employees that included a clause requiring them to reimburse the company for training costs of Rs 75,000. Nevertheless, Wipro stated in the same email that the sum had been waived off by the business. The termination letter stated, “We desire to tell you that training fee of Rs 75,000 which you are due to pay, will be waived off. “I had received an offer letter in January 2022, but after months of delay they onboarded me. And now they are terminating me giving the excuse of the test,” a fresher who was fired owing to poor performance stated in an interview with the journal.

The technological sector is having a difficult time. The two biggest tech giants in the world, Google and Microsoft, fired 22000 workers this week. Both the CEOs of Google and Microsoft admitted full responsibility for the layoffs and made a suggestion that the firms overhired in recent years. Prior to Microsoft and Google, internet giants like Salesforce, Netflix, Amazon, and many others fired hundreds of thousands of workers while citing general economic difficulties.

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