A $500 billion luxury ski resort is being built in the desert by Saudi Arabia

A $500 billion luxury ski resort is being built in the desert by Saudi Arabia

Middle of the desert, Saudi Arabia plans to erect a sizable ski resort.

Trojena, the massive project, is anticipated to cost a staggering $500 billion.

In-depth details about a $500 billion luxury ski resort is being built in the desert by Saudi Arabia

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has actually begun construction, so this is no mere concept. Saudi Arabia has even agreed to host the Asian Winter Games in 2029, demonstrating how serious it is about the Trojena project.

The Kingdom will host the games for the first time ever in western Asia.

The mountain peaks of Tabuk in northwest Saudi Arabia will be covered by routes of varied difficulty on Trojena.

Up to 2,600 metres above sea level, some of those mountains.

The ski area will be a component of the enormous NEOM project, a futuristic city that would encircle the desert, mountains, and Red Sea. The NEOM megacity will have a ski village in addition to a man-made lake, ultra-luxurious homes, and the Mirror Line.

There will be a horizontal skyscraper called The Mirror Line.

It will be large enough to house up to nine million people and constructed of light-reflecting glass. It will be made up of two similar structures that will run parallel to one another, and it will be created by Morphosis Architects, a firm with headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

The building will be 200 metres broad, 500 metres long, and 168 kilometres long. The Mirror Line will be larger than the combined areas of Gibraltar and the Principality of Monaco if constructed to such dimensions.

The linear metropolis will have a full-size stadium, upscale residences, and shopping centres.

Satellite photos demonstrate that the metropolis is already undergoing construction. The total cost of the NEOM project, including the Mirror Line and the desert ski resort Trojena, is predicted to exceed $1 trillion.

The remainder of the megacity will be completed by 2030, and the ski resort will be finished in time for the Asian Winter Games in 2029.

It’s an ambitious ambition, but if realised, Saudi Arabia will rank among the top Middle Eastern tourism destinations.

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