A ChatGPT competitor named ‘Poe’ has been introduced by Quora

A ChatGPT competitor named 'Poe' has been introduced by Quora

Quora’s CEO Adam D’ Angelo stated the company’s intention to enter the AI chatbot industry. He stated that its chatbot Pow will enable people to ask questions, receive immediate answers, and talk with AI.

Details about A ChatGPT competitor named ‘Poe’ has been introduced by Quora

Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo recently announced the launch of its AI-chatbot platform through Twitter. According to his tweet, iOS users will be able to download the app and immediately ask the questions. Furthermore, support for all major platforms will be added in the coming months.

“Today, we are opening up public access to a new AI product we have been building called Poe. AI Chatbot Poe lets people ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with several AI-powered bots,” the CEO of Quora Tweeted.

D’Angelo also stated that the company will support a number of bots. According to his tweets, Poe’s intends to become a bot aggregator, allowing customers to obtain chatbots optimised for certain tasks from a single app.

“It is originally available on iOS, but we will be adding support for all major platforms in the coming few months, along with more bots. “The best way to learn about Poe is to experience it at poe.com, but read on below if you’re wondering about why we’re making it,” Quora CEO said in a tweet announcing the Poe.

Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company’s ChatGPT competitor will be released soon. He revealed Google’s plans to integrate AI elements to its search engine. During the Q4 earnings call, Pichai stated that people will soon be able to interact directly with its newest and most powerful companion to search in experimental and innovative ways.

The Google Search will leverage Language Model for Dialogue Applications which is the company’s own language model. It will help the browser to provide factual and conversational query results.

As per Pichai, the improved search can be introduced for testing in the coming weeks and months. It is expected that the development could take place during the Google IO 2023 event scheduled for May.

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