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Do you enjoy compact phones as well? However, it might be challenging to obtain tiny phones in a time when the smartphone market is dominated by huge screen devices. However, given that Apple has introduced its iPhone small series, which it terminated with the introduction of the iPhone 14 series and replaced with the iPhone 14 Plus, the possibilities are mostly limited in the Android ecosystem. Pebble, a developer of smartwatches, is currently developing an Android smartphone that is equally small and portable as the iPhone 13 mini.

Details about a company is making iPhone mini-sized Android phone

Recall that in May 2022, Eric Migicovsky, the creator of Pebble, launched a project called The Small Android Phone project. His objective was to persuade major smartphone manufacturers like Google and Samsung to produce high-end, compact devices.

After almost a year, the initiative has evolved into a group effort to create a compact smartphone that Eric and other aficionados of small phones desire. The Verge said that 38,700 people have already signed the petition.

Eric claimed in a blog post that he is now taking matters into his own hands because no Android smartphone manufacturers have heeded his request. Following years of producing smartwatches, Pebble may soon enter the smartphone market with a small but potent Android phone.

“It’s becoming more and more obvious that no OEM has any plans to release a small premium phone. I’ve therefore made the decision to act independently. My intention is to unite supporters of small phones and pressure Google, Samsung, or anyone else to think about developing a small phone. This might be your last opportunity (ever?) to support the revival of the beloved small premium Android phone category, he said in a blog post.

On a Discord channel, there is a lively discussion going on about the Little Android Phone project. The group responsible for creating the smartphone is reportedly debating how to choose a chip, find a display, and create the small smartphone’s body. Also, they are thinking about how to raise the capital required to bring the phone to life.

Chris Hendel and Alex De Stasio, former Pebble employees, are on the team, along with Susan Holcomb, a former data scientist who is now a writer.

De Stasio presented concept art for the mini Android smartphone in a YouTube video. He wants to make sure the phone’s camera bump is distinctive and recognised because he believes it is crucial to the device’s aesthetics.

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