A girl of age 11 creates an AI-based app to identify eye conditions

A girl of age 11 creates an AI-based app to identify eye conditions

Do you recall Hana Rafeeq, a 9-year-old girl who made history as the youngest iOS developer by developing an app? She also received a tonne of praise from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Her sister Leena Rafeeq is currently in the news as well. What, I hear you ask? Well, the 11-year-old Indian kid living in Dubai created an AI-based app to identify eye ailments and diseases. You did read that correctly.

Details about a girl of age 11 creates an AI-based app to identify eye conditions

Self-taught programmer Leena created the AI-based Ogler Eyescan app. When she was ten years old, she created this software. Through a special scanning procedure, the mobile app can identify a number of eye disorders and diseases.

To identify potential eye illnesses or diseases including Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataract, Ogler uses trained models.

“Fantastic news! I’m overjoyed to inform that my brand-new artificially intelligent mobile app, Ogler EyeScan, has been submitted. At the age of ten, I developed this AI app. Ogler uses an innovative iPhone scanning technology to identify a variety of eye problems and disorders. Ogler can find the eyes inside the frame range by analysing numerous factors such as light and colour intensity, distance, and look-up locations using cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning algorithms. Additionally, it shows whether there are any light burst problems and whether the eyes are precisely positioned inside the scanner frame, Leena captioned her photo.

The software uses trained algorithms to identify probable eye diseases or ailments, such as Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataract, once the scan quality has been confirmed. An excerpt from the caption reads, “It took me six months of study and development to bring this revolutionary app to reality. This App was designed natively using SwiftUI without any third-party libraries or packages.

Social media users praised Leena profusely in the comments section as soon as her article began to circulate online.

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