A man left his job at Microsoft India to work for Amazon in Canada

A man left his job at Microsoft India to work for Amazon in Canada

Amazon has laid off nearly 10,000 employees and may lay off hundreds more in the coming days. Aside from terminating workers, Amazon has also withdrawn offers made to some new hires. When a Microsoft engineer left his stable work at Microsoft in Bengaluru to join the Amazon headquarters in Vancouver, he found himself in a difficult situation. In a lengthy Linkedin post, he claimed that his employment offer was withdrawn just before his start date.

Details about a man left his job at Microsoft India to work for Amazon in Canada

Arush Nagpal, a Microsoft Software Engineer, received the shock of his life when he moved to Canada only to discover that his employment offer at Amazon had been canceled.

“After spending some excellent time with amazing folks at Microsoft, I opted to go to Vancouver to join Amazon Canada, but my offer has been canceled, after a protracted immigration process, just before my joining day post landing in Canada. I completed my notice period, moved to Vancouver, and acquired my work permit.

Nagpal also stated that he spoke with his hiring manager just a day before his trip to Canada, yet the news of Amazon rescinding his offer shocked him to his core.

Nagpal also stated that he was willing to join any other Amazon Vancouver team. “I promise I’ve proven to be one of the most important and hardworking members of all the teams I’ve worked with. “I understand the microeconomic realities, but with everything in place and my eagerness to join Amazon, it would make sense for me to relocate to the team that is in desperate need of engineers,” he continued.

It’s not the first time Amazon has withdrawn an offer. A Google engineer was in a similar predicament a few days earlier. He had left a comfortable position at Sundar Pichai’s company to join Amazon. Just three days before his scheduled start date, the engineer was informed that his job offer had been withdrawn. It is the worst professional predicament one can be in since you leave a job for a new one and then don’t get that one as well.

Tianyi Gao, a Google software developer, left the business to seek a new job at Amazon, only to discover that his offer had been withdrawn. To make matters worse, Gao was an H1-B visa holder, which meant he had only 60 days to find new work or return home.

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