A new tool is now available to help you recover your hacked Instagram account

A new tool is now available to help you recover your hacked Instagram account

Instagram has now launched a simple fix for anybody whose accounts have been compromised. The photo-sharing app has recently launched a new function that will assist users in recovering their compromised accounts. You may easily check if your account has been compromised by opening a browser on your laptop or mobile device and typing Instagram.com/hacked. To regain access to your account, you must follow a number of sets of instructions. When they can no longer access their accounts, people frequently worry. Instagram will allow users to resolve the issue directly from the browser to prevent such panicky situations.

A brief about a new tool is now available to help you recover your hacked Instagram account

In addition to rolling out a function to recover hijacked accounts, Instagram announced in a blog post that users may now ask their friends to verify their identity in order to help regain access to their accounts.

We developed Instagram.com/hacked, a brand-new, all-inclusive location individuals can rely on to report and address account access difficulties, to support accounts that are having access problems or may have been hacked.

Enter Instagram.com/hacked on your mobile device or desktop browser if you’re unable to log in to your account, Instagram advised in a blog post.

Here’s how to recover your Instagram account if it was compromised.

  • To access your Instagram account if it has been compromised, go to Instagram.com/hacked on your smartphone or computer’s web browser.
  • There will be several choices available to you. You can choose whether you believe your account has been compromised, have forgotten your password, have lost access to two-factor authentication, or have had your account disabled.
  • After choosing your problem on the browser, you can follow a set of instructions to reclaim access to your account.

Selecting two of your Instagram pals as identity confirmers will also allow you to regain access to your account. Once you’ve selected your pals, Instagram will reach out to them and ask them to confirm within 24 hours, failing which you’ll need to set a new password. You will have to choose two additional pals if they don’t reply to Instagram’s request.

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