A student from Jaipur receives Rs 38 lakh as compensation for reporting a serious bug on Instagram

a student from Jaipur receives Rs 38 lakh as compensation

A student from Jaipur has received a reward of Rs. 38 lakh from Instagram for discovering a flaw that prevented the hacking of millions of Instagram accounts. The Instagram Reels thumbnail could be changed by users from any account without logging in or providing a password, according to a problem discovered by Neeraj Sharma. Due to a problem, hackers with access to Instagram accounts may have issued the thumbnail function even without using the login information.

In-depth details about a student from Jaipur receives Rs 38 lakh as compensation:

After experiencing some problems with his personal Instagram account, Sharma told Meta about the bug on Facebook and Instagram back in January. The business acknowledged the problem and requested a demonstration from him.

He later demonstrated his claim by altering a Reel’s thumbnail for five minutes without using the account credentials, proving his report. Facebook approved his allegation on May 11 and gave him a reward of $45,000, which is equal to Rs 38 lakh, following a comprehensive inquiry. For delaying the award by four months, Facebook additionally offered $4500, or Rs 3.6 lakh.

“Because of a flaw, any account might have changed the reel’s thumbnail on Instagram, a product of Facebook. No matter how secure the account holder’s password is, all that was needed to alter it was the media ID. I first started noticing issues with my Instagram account in December of last year. On the morning of January 31, I finally learned about the Instagram error (bug) after a lot of effort. After that, I reported this error to Facebook via Instagram at night, and three days later I got a response. I was requested to send a demo, “The student spoke with IANS in an interview.

A real Meta Bug Bounty program is currently being offered to programmers in order to improve Facebook and Instagram security. If outside programmers and researchers uncover security flaws in Meta technology or systems, the business generously rewards them. “Security researchers who alert us to flaws in our goods and services help us keep people safe, and we compensate them for their efforts. Depending on risk, impact, the number of susceptible users, and other considerations, Meta may offer monetary rewards for such reports “The bug bounty program’s rules are stated in Meta.

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