All you Need to Know About “21 Days Eat Better Challenge” by Oopar Club

21 Days Eat Better Challenge

You’ve always wanted to change the way you eat, but you never knew where to begin. Wish you could eat well without actually “dieting”? So don’t worry! A community-driven multi-channel platform, Oopar Club presents the “21 Days Eat Better Challenge” starting on 22nd Oct 2022 with the idea that you should “eat better, not less”!

Eat Better Challenge
Credits: Oopar Club

After the great success of the step-up to fitness challenge (54% win rate), Oopar Club is back with a new challenge with a focus on eating better this time!

How to participate in the “21 Days Eat Better Challenge”?

1. Here’s what you have to do: throughout the day, you need to have 2 types of salads or fruits as part of a single meal or multiple meals. It is that simple! This could be like having an apple with your breakfast and a cucumber salad as a part of dinner. Or simply having a fruit salad in the evening with more than 1 fruit!

2. Just take a picture and send it to Oopar Club for the next 21 days – (They do not need to see an aesthetic plate).

Checkout more details of the challenge here –

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Oopar Club.

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