Amazon job scam cost a woman more than 3 lakh

Amazon job scam cost a woman more than 3 lakh

As more incidents, particularly those involving online employment frauds, are being reported online, cybercrime is currently on the rise. The most recent one is a job fraud at Amazon. According to a PTI report, over 100 people have been duped in the past five months, and one woman lost more than Rs 3 lakh as a result of a fraudulent Amazon job. Here’s what happened and how to avoid such job fraud in the future.

Details about the Amazon job scam cost a woman more than 3 lakh

The Delhi police station received a complaint from a 20-year-old lady who had lost Rs 3.15 lakh to fraudsters. According to the stated source, the woman got a message from a foreign number pretending to be an Amazon executive offering her a job. Through websites like and, the con artist was able to collect the victim’s contact information.

With the aid of some software developers, scammers made a phony Amazon website and distributed links to job offers to a number of victims. Some of the scam victims who fell for the job were also hired. To make it appear authentic, they were also instructed to work on certain fictitious jobs. According to a report by Indian Express, the scammer later requested that the victims set up a virtual wallet, at which point their money was taken. The 20-year-old woman suffered a similar financial loss.

The stolen funds were subsequently transferred to several banks. According to the news, four people have been detained by the Delhi police squad after it was found that the scammers conducted 3.5 crore transactions while defrauding more than 100 victims with the same scheme.

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