The Brand-New List of Top Angel Investors in India: An Opportunity for Startups

Angel Investors in India

As their name suggests, angel investors were presumably sent from above. These extremely wealthy people invest money in deserving but needed start-up companies in exchange for convertible debt or ownership stock. Many of them now make online stock crowd funding investments. Forming themselves into networks of angel investors to pool their resources and offer counsel to portfolio firms.

Angel investors are distinct from informal lenders such as friends and family who lack prior business expertise and hence differ significantly in their investing approach. In this article we will cover the top angel investors in India.

Despite having a wide range of backgrounds, angel investors tend to be high net worth people that fund startups as a part of their broader investment strategy.

In addition to gaining money, angel investors typically invest in new businesses to become engaged with private enterprises, promote a side business, or give back to the community. Due to angel investors’ strong demand for secrecy, entrepreneurs have recently had difficulty obtaining money from them. This has frequently been the cause of the early demise of numerous firms.

There are a lot of angels and entrepreneurs in the Indian startup ecosystem; according to some estimates, there are about 6000 angel investors in India. It is difficult to narrow down the 6000 investors to the proper ones.

One of India’s best and most successful entrepreneurs is Kunal Shah. He founded Cred and serves as its CEO. He has made over 200 investments as an active angel investor, including Innov8, Spinny, Zepo, Unacademy, and Bharat Bazaar. In addition, we have a list of business angels who have established themselves as significant players in the Indian business environment.

Here are the lists of Top most active and well known Angel Investors In India:

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is at the top of the list of angle investors. He is a former chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Group and an industrialist from India.

Paytm, Snapdeal, Teabox,, Ola Cabs, Xiaomi, Nestaway, Ola Electric, Abra, Lenskart, CarDekho,, UrbanLadder, Zivame, and more companies have received funding from Ratan Tata.

Sachin Bansal

The e-commerce site Flipkart, which was established in 2007, was created by Sachin Bansal. Bansal established BACQ Acquisitions Private Limited in December 2018. His has made investments in companies such as Navi Technologies, COCO, Ather Energy, Unacademy, SigTuple, Kissht, BoAt Lifestyle, Bounce, Vogo Automotive, Ola, Chaitanya India Finance, and NBFCs Altico Capital and Indostar Capital Finance.

Binny Bansal

The 2007-established e-commerce site Flipkart was created with Binny Bansal as a co-founder. His has made investments in startups like xto10x Technologies, Swiggy, Meesho, Razorpay, Cred, Dockabl, and others.

Girish Mathrubootham

In addition to founding FC Madras, Girish Mathrubootham launched Freshdesk in 2010. Before, Girish worked at ManageEngine, a Zoho Corp. business, as the vice president of product management. He has backed more than 60 businesses. HuddleUp, PickYourTrail, Oro, Scripbox, Pepul, Tenantcube, OSlash, GTM Buddy, Factors.AI, Postman, and more firms have received his investment.

Anupam Mittal

Anupam established The People Group. The companies Mobango, Mauj,, and, which are all platforms for short-form video, were all founded by Mittal.

He is a shareholder in Ola, BizzTM, PawsIndia, Skippi, Thinkerbell Labs, ARRCOAT, Loka, Carragreen, Yarn Bazaar, COCOFIT, Bamboo India, Sunfox Technologies, The Sass Bar, CosIQ, Jain Shikanji, Tweek Labs, Reevoy, TradeX, One Impression, ASQI Advisors, BharatX, BizzTM, NxtWave, and Lys.

Rajan Anandan

The managing director of Sequoia Capital is Rajan Anandan. He has made the following investments in startups: the following companies: Freshtohome, Avaz, Capillary Technologies, EasyGov, DataWeave, Druva, Hello English, Instamojo, intelloCut, Kwench, Mobilewalla, Karza Technologies, Innov8 Coworking, Peel-Works, Reach Accountant, Sapience, Travelkhana, WebEngage,, 24/7 Techies,, Airwoot, AppZen, A Explara,, Frrole AI,, Goonj, HashCube, Hungryzone, iDubba (now iCouchApp), InnovAccer, Jigsee, GamingMonk, PregBuddy, LetsVenture, Lumos Design Technology, MeriCAR,, Moojic,, OMAK Technologies, Phantom Hands, POPxo, Sensibol Audio Technologies, skoolshop.

Dheeraj Jain

Redciffe Capital’s Director, Dheeraj Jain, is headquartered in London and Delhi/Gurgaon. He has developed a network of investors, banks, and other financial institutions and is an experienced investor. He made investments in Yobee, Candes, Candes, Supr Daily, Shoopy, FanPlay Technologies, iam8, Drivezy, Burger Singh, and SafetyKart Retail.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

A millionaire businessman from India, Vijay Shekhar Sharma is a technology entrepreneur. He serves as the company’s chairman, managing director, and CEO for both Paytm and One97 Communications. Among the startups he actively invests in are EduKart, AirStream, Unacademy, Milaap, Milaap Social Ventures,, Wishberg,, Hiver, InnerChef, Sourceeasy,, LogiNext, etc.

Kunal Bahl

The 2010-founded e-commerce business Snapdeal was co-founded by Kunal Bahl. Additionally, Bahl is a prominent angel investor in India and has participated in a number of industry groups. DAOLens, Geniebook, Neend,, Prodo, ANS Commerce, Hubble Money, Upswing Financial Technologies, Flint, and Wobb are among the companies in which he has invested.

Anand Chandrasekaran

Anand Chandrasekaran, who also serves as CTO, launched Mad Street Den, an artificial intelligence firm that drives the retail industry with its image recognition platform,

His investments are SalaryBox, Audeze, Breathe Well-being, Cleardekho, GSF, Buttercups Intimates, Koparo Clean, Heymojo, Gamezop, OneCode, Eagle Eye Networks formrly UncannyVision, InnerChef, Mudrex, LetsVenture, Whale, LoanCircle,, YellowAnt, Rupeek Fintech,


Angel investors jointly spend millions of rupees each year in startup and entrepreneurial enterprises; they are frequently the first outsiders to give firms the crucial equity they need to get off the ground. Angel investing is more about the drive to support aspiring entrepreneurs and pursuing one’s own passion by serving as an angel to the enterprise one wants to see successful than it is about the desire to make money for investors. Angel investing is more about having the guts and the ability to take risks than it is about just lending money to businesses. We have pointed out some of the top best angel investors in India.

Angel investors are few and hard to come by since they wish to remain anonymous. Due to the perceived riskiness of future prospects and the absence of a guarantee in the form of collateral, financial institutions have historically been reluctant to lend to startups, tiny, young businesses. The increase in angel investment by young entrepreneurs who have amassed significant equity and are now looking to venture in new, modern concepts has significantly changed the situation.

A significant impediment to entrepreneurship has been identified as the absence of an entrepreneurial culture in many nations. Start-ups cannot exist without entrepreneurs. Culture change is challenging and takes time, but things are progressively shifting in startups’ favour as more risk-taking angel investors are expressing interest in modern business models that come with a high chance of failure.

Due to the vast customer base, an emerging and developing economy like that of India is great for entrepreneurs and angel investors to thrive. Startups play a significant role in showcasing local talent and company; they have lately emerged as an essential component of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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