Apple is said to introduce a budget MacBook at less Rs 30000

Apple is said to introduce a budget MacBook at less Rs 30000

No money for Apple MacBooks? According to a recent rumor from DigiTimes, the tech giant intends to release a low-cost laptop to compete with Google’s Chromebooks and a number of budget Windows laptops. This MacBook may be unveiled as soon as the second half of 2024, according to reports. Apple currently offers laptops for sale that cost at least Rs 80,000. What might the ultra-affordable MacBook cost, then?

Details on Apple is said to introduce a budget MacBook at less Rs 30000

The bulk of Chromebooks available on Flipkart and Amazon are priced under Rs 30,000, as can be seen by looking at their product pages. Does this imply that Apple will price its entry-level MacBook similarly given that Chromebooks are marketed for people on a tighter budget who want a laptop for casual use or for use in the classroom? Although the rumor did not specify a specific price range, it seems improbable that Apple would provide a laptop at such a cheap price.

There was a lot of enthusiasm when it was announced that Apple would introduce its first affordable iPhone in the SE series. Some people who had hopes lower than Rs 30,000 were disappointed by the fact that it was not as affordable for everyone. India saw the launch of the first-generation iPhone SE at Rs 39,000, and the country also saw the announcement of the second model for Rs 42,500. In 2022, the iPhone SE 3 went on sale for Rs 43,900. Despite the fact that the price didn’t match the low-cost features given by these phones, many people nonetheless purchased them because they desired an iPhone.

In other words, it is not anticipated that the rumored low-cost Apple laptop will cost less than Rs 30,000. People might still purchase the company’s budget-friendly MacBook even if it costs a little more than the Chromebooks because it is an Apple product. Along with a high-quality product, consumers will receive brand assurance. The ability to instantly share files using AirDrop, sync conversations or messages on a MacBook, utilize the phone as a webcam for the laptop, and more will be made easier for iPhone owners.

If Apple genuinely intends to compete with Chromebooks to appeal to customers on a tighter budget, the cost may range from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 60,000. The current budget-friendly MacBooks are from the Air series and start at about Rs 80,000. Users are urged to take the information with a grain of salt since Apple hasn’t yet confirmed the existence of an ultra-affordable laptop.

Given that the source indicates the entry-level Apple MacBook would launch in the second half of 2024, it is simply too early for Apple to confirm. This won’t happen for over a year. However, one shouldn’t be discouraged because Apple is getting ready to reveal the new iPhone 15 series on September 12, which is Tuesday of next week.  

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