As 1.5 lakh weddings scheduled for November, the wedding industry in Rajasthan is booming

the wedding industry in Rajasthan is booming

The number of marriages in Rajasthan is expected to reach 1.5 lakh in November, the highest number in more than two years following the coronavirus epidemic.

Since there are no limits like there were in the past owing to the pandemic, wedding planners and everyone else involved in the industry is optimistic and anticipating a full-scale business this time.

In-depth details about As 1.5 lakh weddings scheduled for November, the wedding industry in Rajasthan is booming:

“Now is the time for people to once again fully celebrate weddings. According to projections, November in Rajasthan would see close to 1.5 marriages. On November 4, the auspicious day of Dev Uthni Gyaras, the season officially begins “According to Ravi Jindal, the Rajasthan Tent Dealers’ Association head.

“This year has seen the most marriages in the past two years. The majority of wedding locations, including marriage halls, are reserved for the next four to five months. Hotels, resorts, and farms have also been reserved for wedding events in addition to wedding halls “said he. Jindal estimated that there were between 40,000 and 50,000 weddings in November of last year.

“Marriage functions were limited in the last two years since there were restrictions on the number of people attending a function,” he said.

Wedding buying began during Navratras, according to Jai Bansal, the proprietor of the Nathu Lal Fatehpuria garment store in Badi Chaupar, and the market is back on track. Lehenga, sherwani, safas, and other bridal clothes are currently in high demand, he claimed. Sohan Sharma of Rangoli Sarees, another trader, reported that business is up over 50% from the prior year.

In the state, there are more than 13,000 marriage gardens, 950 of which are in Jaipur. Numerous weddings are planned to take place in hotels and resorts in addition to the grounds. There are ten major wedding dates in November and December of this year.

According to Jindal, about 6 lakh people are employed in the sector both directly and indirectly, including tent dealers, caterers, florists, band parties, event planners, and choreographers.

“2020 and 2021 were difficult years because there weren’t many wedding events. Bookings are up this season, “said Mukesh Cheepa, the proprietor of a lawn where weddings are held.

Luxury dharmshalas are also becoming more popular in places like Khatu Town, home to the well-known Khatu Shyamji temple.

While the cost of a marriage garden varies based on location and size from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10-12 lakh per day, there are dharmshalas with 25–40 rooms and good amenities that are offered for about Rs 2 lakh per day.

Rajasthan is also well-known for destination weddings at locations where businessmen and celebrities have previously exchanged vows, including Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Sawaimadhopur, and Kumbhalgarh.

According to Amit Kothari, a specialist in the hotel industry, “Delicious Rajasthani cuisine, stunning dress, unsurpassed hospitality, and heritage sites are the main reasons why Rajasthan is popular for destination weddings.”

He stated that “many individuals are expressing significant interest in organizing wedding celebrations in Rajasthan, coming from areas like Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Goa.”

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