As part of its cooperation with OpenAI, Salesforce will integrate ChatGPT with Slack

Salesforce will integrate ChatGPT with Slack

To introduce generative artificial intelligence to its business software broadly, Salesforce Inc. said it was collaborating with OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, to add the chatbot craze to its collaboration programme Slack.

A brief about as part of its cooperation with OpenAI, Salesforce will integrate ChatGPT with Slack

The San Francisco-based startup said that a product it is calling EinsteinGPT would use a combination of its own artificial intelligence and that of other parties, such as OpenAI, to assist companies create email draughts, customer account information, and computer code. In order to assist users with chat thread summaries and other issues, ChatGPT would also integrate with Slack.

The action is a reflection of the rush among tech firms to incorporate generative AI into their products, which can generate fresh text, graphics, and other material based on inputs from historical data.

For instance, Microsoft Corp. has shown that technology from OpenAI, a business in which it invests, can generate meeting notes in its product Teams and suggest email responses to vendors through its Viva Sales subscription. Slack is an opponent of Teams.

In a press conference, Clara Shih, general manager at Salesforce, stated that the announcement was made in response to business demand for the emerging technology. She claimed that Salesforce’s in-house data and AI models will help to distinguish its product.

She claimed that businesses could “totally reinvent how they communicate with their customers” with the aid of Salesforce’s generative AI solutions.

Salesforce has unveiled a fund to finance businesses using generative AI.

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