Bengaluru Namma Yatri autorickshaw drivers earn a amount of Rs 5.6 crore

Bengaluru Namma Yatri autorickshaw drivers earn a amount of Rs 5.6 crore

Since its November 2022 launch, Namma Yatri, the first “open network mobility” application that provides autorickshaw services without middlemen, has helped the platform’s drivers earn Rs 5.6 crore.

A brief about Bengaluru Namma Yatri autorickshaw drivers earn a amount of Rs 5.6 crore 

Data shown on the app’s dashboard indicates that 3,35,653 users and 41,112 drivers have registered on the service. The drivers made more than Rs 9 lakh on March 5 after completing 3,37,762 rides as of March 6.

By assuring transparency in the services offered through the app, the platform seeks to adhere to the vision of “open mobility,” according to Rudramurthy, general secretary of the organisation that developed the app. The dashboard also provides real-time information on the number of drivers available, completed journeys, and the top five busiest regions in Bengaluru.

The top five regions with the most ridership as of 6.30 pm ranged from 335 (Bommanahalli) to 435 (Mahadevapura, Byatranapura, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru South, and Bommanahalli) (Mahadevpura). According to Rudramurthy, Bengaluru sees an average of 9,000 journeys per day.

“The presentation of real-time information on the dashboard is a tribute to the transparency of the services which entail no middlemen or any commission,” Rudramurthy told Yet, despite the fact that it is virtually fixed, we still have technical issues with location accuracy.

The app costs Rs 30 for the first 2 km and Rs 15 for each additional kilometre in accordance with government regulations. The app additionally adds a pickup fee of Rs 10 to each reservation. However, the developers also intend to offer metro-to-home pick-up and drop-off services, with flat rates of Rs. 40 (including the pickup fee of Rs. 10) for distances under 2 km and Rs. 55 (including the pickup cost of Rs. 10) for distances above 3 km. Rudramuthy stated that similar pick-up and delivery services from hospitals to homes will also be implemented. Also, the developers intend to designate such journeys as “no cancellation” trips.

The autorickshaw drivers’ union has requested that white-board two-wheeler taxis be outlawed due to safety concerns in a letter to V Manjula, commissioner of the department of urban land transport and chief executive of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Land Transport Authority. The union has also claimed that organisations like Rapido and Uber are hiring young people by “deceiving them and destroying their lives”. The union has also requested that autorickshaw drivers receive behavioural training.

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