Best Low-Investment Business Ideas with Guaranteed High Profit that You Can Start Now

Low-Investment Business Ideas

You’re all certainly curious as to how well-known businessmen develop their concepts and start their businesses. How much money do they make once the firm is established, and how can it expand? Are there any low-investment business ideas?

The obligations of establishing a business may be daunting for many individuals. Nevertheless, giving up the mundane 9 to 5 office routine and making all of your own decisions is one of the best feelings in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, there are several ways to establish a business that let you focus more on getting started than on the financial and logistical needs.

These low-investment company ideas are the ideal place to start for novice business owners, bootstrappers, or anybody with a busy schedule since they let you launch a side business without interrupting anything else.

To help this greatest company idea with cheap investment gain market traction. You still need to establish a solid concept, build a brand, put a lot of effort into your marketing, and provide excellent customer service. However, not everyone is able to realise their dream of running a business owing to a lack of finance. Now we can provide you with a response!

The following is a list of several low-investment business ideas you may start right away:

Video Producing Business

The need for video material for marketing and the growth in mobile video viewing are driving the worldwide film and video services sector, which is expected to rise by 35% by 2025 and by almost 75% by 2030. Now is the perfect time for you to start a video production company, one of the top Low-Investment Business Ideas. You may start with a home studio and eventually grow and move to a commercial site for a relatively little cost.

Cloud Kitchen

A cloud kitchen is also known as a virtual or ghost kitchen. The idea is to take online food orders. The way the world is changing makes it simpler and more comfortable to interact with others. It offers a number of opportunities for different meal preparation enterprises, facilities, and services. Most families and businesses are used to placing internet meal orders. Cloud kitchens are therefore more typical in India. In India, there were about 5000 cloud kitchens in 2019; the cloud kitchen market grew significantly after the covid era. So, if you’re a skilled chef, start a modest company in the cloud kitchen.

Travel Tour Company

The tours and travel industry is one of the most important private sectors in the economy. Every day, millions of people travel, and for their planned departures and arrivals, they all require pertinent reservations and travel information. To handle all of their transportation requirements from hotels to automobiles and back, they consistently need the greatest tour and travel provider. So, if you’re ready to take on these obligations, start a travel agency. The advantage of working from home and starting a business in the tourism and travel sector is that the startup costs are low.

Sewing Classes

Although demand may not have altered, sewing businesses have shrunk over time. If you are skilled at sewing and repairing, you may flourish in the at-home sewing industry. If sewing is a pastime you currently practise and like, you might want to consider turning it into a full-time career. Starting a sewing business offers relatively cheap beginning expenses if you already have the necessary equipment, and you may initially run it part-time until business builds up and you attract more clients.

Smartphone Repairing

Cell phone repair is still one of the most successful small technology-based businesses. A recent study found that a cell phone breaks somewhere in the world every two seconds. Given the size of the population and the surge in smartphone usage, that is a serious problem. Since there are so few professionals who can mend mobile phones, particularly smartphones, the repair industry is struggling to keep up with the growing demand. If you fit this description, you can start a low-cost home-based smartphone repair business.

Pet Grooming

Pet-related businesses are flourishing, including pet sitting, dog walking, and breeding. A new businessperson can enter this industry by starting a pet-grooming business. Over the next 10 years, the pet grooming industry is expected to increase by 4.5%, so if you choose to follow in its footsteps, you’ll do well. A pet grooming business is one of the Low-Investment Business Ideas you may launch. The key is to offer reasonable prices for high-quality services.

Beauty Parlor

Beauty parlours and salons are lucrative, long-lasting businesses that may bring in a substantial amount of money for you. If you wish to operate a salon, beauty shop, or barbershop, you might want to consider starting a modest home business. You may invest your gains when you’re ready to go on and maybe even get a government loan then. A minimal investment might also be used to launch this firm. In India, many women continue to operate their beauty enterprises out of their living rooms.

Internet & Xerox shop

We’ve all waited in line at xerox and online retailers. The copy shop’s employees are constantly busy! Many individuals don’t think the idea behind this particular business is sound, but the truth is very different. You could easily make $2,000 to $3,000 per day if you launch a xerox business and add a few more services like internet, bookbinding, laminating, etc. assuming you’re adjacent to a school, college, or business district. You may start even with a very tiny investment. To get started, all you need is a shop or workspace, a xerox machine, and some more tools like a desktop computer, internet connectivity, a printer, etc.


Starting a blog is the finest thing you could do to enhance your income because blogging is a full-time job that has helped bloggers to make a reasonable monthly income. This is the ideal time for you to start a blog and make it successful, even if you lack technical know-how. If you have a few basic resources and very little guidance, you may simply establish your very own personal or professional blog with very little money invested.

Affiliate marketing

Have you read about or heard about making money online by directing visitors to e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon? Has the thought of someone making a passive income in such a competitive climate surprised you?

It is known as “affiliate marketing” and is a straightforward online money-making method. Prior to thinking about how to start affiliate marketing on a budget, you must first understand a few principles. Affiliate marketing is neither a scam nor a magic trick. Given that the affiliate marketing system is well-organized, the marketer must be informed of the correct processes.


Vlogging is yet another low-investment business concept. Everyone vlogs these days, and everyone wants their vlog to be successful. Starting your own vlog is more challenging than it first appears, but with the right mindset, preparation, and equipment, you should be able to succeed. In 2022, a large number of influencers, streamers, and normal individuals who routinely provide a lot of video material with the online community may be easily located on YouTube. The one thing that links all of these vloggers together is the fact that they each have hundreds, sometimes even millions, of subscribers.


Launching a dropshipping business is a fantastic option to start your own business. You’ll be able to sell products to customers, develop your own brand, and determine your own product prices. Before inventory is sold to a genuine customer, it is not even necessary to make payment for it. If you are prepared to work hard, you can build a successful brand.

Recruitment agency

The hiring industry in India has a lot of potential for growth and gives recruiters a number of tools to make it easier for local businesses and job seekers to connect. In order to fill “flexi staffing” or temporary job positions, employers employed staffing firms. However, this is only one instance of how the recruiting industry helped businesses survive the COVID-19 epidemic. India’s job market appears to be poised for expansion despite the epidemic. If you’re willing to establish a recruiting firm, you can get started with a modest investment.

Marriage Bureau

Marriage bureaus are widespread in India. A marriage bureau may be a successful enterprise. The expenditures are low and the money is considerable. Numerous marriage agencies in places like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore charge between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 5000 for each registration. In some cases, they may even charge up to Rs. 10,000 per candidate. Even if you see your marriage bureau more as a social service than a company, it nonetheless serves both you and society.

Advertising & PR Agency

An advertising agency is a business that oversees all parts of product marketing and effectively targets the right consumers. Promoting a company and its goods requires addressing the client in a distinctive and alluring manner. Creating your own advertising and PR agency is one of the most rewarding and fruitful small business ventures. Although beginning your own advertising company will take a lot of work and dedication, with the appropriate preparation, you may succeed in the industry.


India was the third-largest start-up ecosystem in the world as per current statistics, with over 69,000 recognised start-ups and 100 unicorns calling it home. They look for low-cost, high-profit top business ideas since they wish to start their own business and earn big money. You should thus consider starting your start-up with one of these low-investment business ideas. An excellent idea is all that is required. And if you follow through with these small investment company ideas, you can end yourself owning one of the most successful small businesses in India.

Perfectionism is among the biggest barriers to launching a business. Remember that nothing is guaranteed.

It is rather easy to swap out items when supply is not a constraint. Your shop may be redesigned. Your rates are flexible. You have the choice to switch vendors.

If your first plan is just not working, think about how you may change course before giving up.

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