ChatGPT has passed both the Wharton MBA test and the US Medical exam

ChatGPT has passed both the Wharton MBA test and the US Medical exam

The ChatGPT-3-powered chatbot easily passed the MBA course’s final test, and ChatGPT’s performance received a B- or better rating.

In the tech world, ChatGPT and its many applications continue to be fascinating. Education is one application where ChatGPT is viewed as a game-changer, and it appears that the chatbot can perform well when it comes to medical education. One study claims that ChatGPT was successful in passing the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), which is ordinarily taken by medical students who want to become licenced physicians.

A brief about ChatGPT has passed both the Wharton MBA test and the US Medical exam

In fact, as researchers demonstrated in one publication, ChatGPT not only aced the exam—which consists of three steps for different levels of medical professionals—but also provided explanations and insights into how it arrived at its conclusions. The initial study, which was released in December and is accessible on medRxivopens, demonstrated that ChatGPT was able to achieve greater than 50% accuracy across all tests. The paper hasn’t been peer reviewed yet, though.

ChatGPT “demonstrated a high level of concordance and insight in its explanations,” according to the authors of the report published on medRxivopens. These findings imply that massive language models may be able to support clinical decision-making as well as medical education.

The researchers tested using 376 questions from a June 2022 sample exam that were made publicly available. They also used “random spot checking” to make sure that “none of the answers, explanations, or related content were indexed on Google prior to January 1, 2022.” The company also points out that ChatGPT’s learning dataset is currently restricted to 2021.

Another intriguing instance involves ChatGPT, which was able to pass an MBA exam created by a University of Pennsylvania professor of Wharton. The ChatGPT-3-powered chatbot passed the MBA course’s final test with a grade between a B- and a B.

The ChatGPT bot does a “great job at basic operations management and process analysis questions, particularly those that are based on case studies,” according to the paper, and it provides clear explanations. Additionally, it was claimed that the bot was skilled at “changing its answers in reaction to human signals.”

The response pattern of ChatGPT, in the opinion of educators, makes it challenging to distinguish it from human responses. While other people are not at all concerned, artificial intelligence experts and educators warn that products like ChatGPT could have a negative impact on the educational system in the future.

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