China urges its citizens to leave Ukraine and begins evacuations

China urges its citizens to leave Ukraine

According to the Chinese state-run publication Global Times, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has ordered its citizens to leave Ukraine’s territory.

A detail on China urges its citizens to leave Ukraine and begins evacuations

According to the report, the Chinese Embassy is ready to assist in organizing the departure.

At the start of the week, the Chinese embassy urged its citizens not to stay on Ukrainian territory unless absolutely necessary, and to leave when it is safe to do so. At the same time, the US Embassy issued a call to leave Ukraine.

More than 200 Chinese citizens registered for evacuation from Ukraine after Beijing renewed calls for citizens to leave the country as security deteriorated. The Chinese foreign ministry urged its citizens to leave Ukraine and register for evacuation with the Chinese embassy.

The embassy later posted registration forms on its WeChat account, promising to “vigorously assist” remaining nationals who wanted to leave the country.

According to the embassy’s WeChat account on Monday, 186 people have signed up for organized evacuation with the embassy’s assistance, while 40 have registered to come to Ukraine on their own.

Following the bombing of a vital bridge connecting Russia and the Crimean peninsula on October 8, China has increased calls for citizens to flee Ukraine. On October 10, Beijing issued three consecutive notices warning people of the heightened security situation and urging them to seek shelter during air raids.

The embassy collects data on the number of citizens still living in Ukraine every month, and one of the Chinese notices stated that some people had failed to report.

In March, approximately 6,000 Chinese citizens returned to China from Ukraine, the largest evacuation to date.

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