China’s COVID-19 official numbers

China’s COVID-19 official numbers

Despite reports from China describing overcrowded hospitals, overflowing cemeteries, and falling medical supplies, official figures from that nation continue to be low. Since December 3, only two deaths have been reported in China. Only 5,200 deaths attributed to COVID-19 have been reported formally in China during the past three years.

Details about China’s COVID-19 official numbers

However, modeling studies predict that an increase in travel will generate a surge in cases in China in early January and two additional spikes in mid-January and February. According to some assessments, China might soon see a million COVID-19 fatalities. Less than half of Chinese adults over 80 years old have had the triple vaccination, despite the fact that 90% of the population has received vaccinations.

Only about 28% of people over the age of 18 in India have received three doses of the approximately 2.2 crore vaccines that have already been given. Three doses of the vaccine are encouraged by official government policy.

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