Discover the Specifications, Benefits, and How to Apply Process for Samsung’s New Credit Card in India

Discover the Specifications, Benefits, and How to Apply Process for Samsung's New Credit Card in India

We are all familiar with the well-known electronics brand Samsung. However, this time the corporation has introduced something that is not a smartphone, a TV, a tablet, or even another electronic device. Instead, the South Korean company has chosen to create the Samsung Axis Bank credit card, powered by Visa, in order to enter the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Discover the Specifications, Benefits, and How to Apply Process for Samsung’s New Credit Card in India.

By the way, behind Apple, Samsung was the second smartphone maker to introduce its own payment card. However, since Apple’s services aren’t yet accessible in India, Samsung has a fantastic opportunity to gain a competitive edge there.

Indepth details about Samsung’s New Credit Card launched in India:

In that case, what unique benefits does the Samsung Axis Bank credit give to the customer, and why should you choose to apply for one for yourself? To learn more about the new Samsung Axis Bank credit card, read the article.

The variants of Samsung credit card:

There are two variations of the Samsung Axis Bank credit card: Visa Signature and Visa Infinite. Both the Signature and Infinite variations have a wide range of offers, advantages, and annual prices. If you spend more than Rs 2,00,000 annually, the yearly charge for the Signature Card, which is Rs 500 plus taxes, is waived. The Infinite card, on the other hand, has an annual cost of Rs 5,000; however, if your expenditure surpasses Rs 7,00,000 in a calendar year, the fee is removed.

The Samsung Credit card offers & benefits 

If you’re into credit cards, in my honest view, a Signature credit card should be adequate for the majority of folks. It would be even better if you weren’t. Despite the jokes, the Signature card does have some good promotions. The advantages of the Infinite card are undeniably better now, particularly the EDGE reward points on foreign purchases. However, significant benefits often come at a high cost.

Because of the annual price and the offers, you should try to apply for a Signature credit card for me. But generally speaking, what are the advantages and deals available if you opt to get one of the credit cards from Samsung Axis Bank?

The cashback offers come first. In addition to the deals, cardholders can get a 10% cashback on all EMI and non-EMI transactions for Samsung goods and services. For owners of Signature cards, cashback is capped at Rs 2,500 per month and Rs 10,000 per year. The maximum reward for Infinite cardholders is Rs 5,000 per month and Rs 20,000 per year. So it’s absolutely an excellent deal if you like to get Samsung electronics.

Now, the advantages also apply to non-Samsung purchases, and this is where things really start to get interesting. With the Signature card, cardholders will receive 10 points from a limited group of partners in addition to 5 EDGE reward points on all domestic and international purchases. Infinite cardholders, on the other hand, will receive 15 points for international transactions, 5 points for local transactions, and 15 points from specific partners. Keep in mind that 1 Re is equal to 5 EDGE reward points. Given that you can use this card for shopping, dining, entertainment, and more while earning reward points that can be used later, it’s not a bad offer at all.

Additionally, cardholders with Samsung credit cards have access to airport lounges. Signature cardholders are limited to four annual visits to domestic lounges. Unfortunately, the Signature card does not grant access to international lounges, and this is the one drawback I can see. However, Infinite cardholders are permitted eight trips per year to domestic and foreign lounges.

Additionally, a 1% fuel fee rebate up to Rs 500 each statement is available.

Finally, new cardholders will receive 2,500 EDGE reward points, which are worth Rs. 500. As a welcome bonus, Infinite cardholders will receive 30,000 EDGE reward points, which are worth Rs 6,000.

How to apply the Samsung Credit Cards:

Credit cards from Samsung Axis Bank can be applied for through official Samsung channels. You can visit the dedicated website to see all the offerings and advantages for yourself. Additionally, you can use the Samsung Shop app to apply for the cards. Although I tried to apply for the Signature card and all I saw was the “notify me” option, I don’t think we can apply for the cards just now.

Finally, credit cards are beneficial because they provide numerous advantages. But if you have a credit card or plan to get one, please use it responsibly because having one constitutes taking on debt. If you wish to utilise credit cards for practically all of your purchases, including those made offline and online, at restaurants, to pay for gas for my car, and other expenses. Therefore, the Visa Signature card is appropriate, and the annual cost is also reasonable given that it is only Rs. 500 if you do not spend Rs. 2,00,000 annually. Given the kind of advantages this card offers, this is completely acceptable. In addition, the Visa Infinite card is excellent. Anyone who does a lot of international trips, this card will benefits greatly in the form of EDGE reward points. Yes, the annual fee in this card is on the higher side, but also are the benefits.

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