Doctor Discovers Patient Gave Him Fake $500 Note, Tells How He Was “Conned”

Doctor Discovers Patient Gave Him Fake $500 Note

Since clients have access to apps like PayTM, Gpay, and PhonePe, most of them prefer to make digital payments rather than dealing with actual currency and collecting change back. But occasionally, people do choose to pay with cash as well. One orthopaedic physician recently described how he was “conned” by one of his patients and how it ended up being a “fun memory” in one such instance.

A brief about Doctor Discovers Patient Gave Him Fake $500 Note, Tells How He Was “Conned”

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Manan Vora, who also produces health content, posted the information on Meta’s recently formed social media platform Threads. He stated in a post that “Recently, a patient really used this note to pay cash for a consultation. Since you wouldn’t expect this, my receptionist decided not to check it. However, it demonstrates the lengths people are willing to go to, even if it means tricking a doctor.

He expressed his shock that the patient was unaware of it and had not “passed it along”. He continued, “I defy you to believe they weren’t aware of it either & simply passed it along haan. The doctor admitted that he had been defrauded of the money, but he handled the situation with good humor and said, “Anyway, I had a good laugh and I’ve saved this note with me since it’s a fun memory, even though I have been robbed off of 500.”

Additionally, Dr. Vora posted a picture of the message, which read, “For project school use only.”

The article has received more than a hundred likes and a number of comments since it was shared on the website.

They took a lot of inspiration from the Farzi series, so we now know why so much money is being demonized.One user said, “#farzi #demonitization #doctorskolootnewale.”

Another individual chimed in, “How beautifully they attached it, even if the difference is quite obvious.

Whoever the individual was, he must be a genius or brainiac, according to another.

Someone said, “Has happened to me so often and I was like, spare your doctor at least people!!”

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