Elon Musk might charge everyone who uses Twitter for the service

Elon Musk might charge everyone who uses Twitter for the service

According to a source, Elon Musk wants to start charging everyone a monthly price to use Twitter and a separate fee for a Twitter Blue subscription.

Details about Elon Musk might charge everyone who uses Twitter for the service

Do you frequently use Twitter? You might be disappointed to learn that Twitter’s new CEO is allegedly considering charging everyone just to access the service. Elon Musk has made some significant decisions in the last few days, but it appears that if this one is carried out, it will completely alter everything.

According to a report by Platformer, Musk intends to charge “most or all users a monthly fee to use Twitter,” and users would also have to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription in order to receive blue ticks (and other features). According to a person familiar with the situation, this concept was apparently discussed with employees in a recent meeting. According to the story, Musk intends to provide everyone access to Twitter for a set amount of time each month; thereafter, users will be required to purchase a Twitter membership in order to continue using the service.

It is unknown at this time whether Musk will truly take this Twitter subscription proposal into consideration. According to the source, the corporate team is presently involved in the growth of the new verification subscription feature. It won’t happen any time soon, even if the platform has intentions to introduce a subscription model for accessing the service.

According to the claimed source, Musk has been “heavily involved in the tumultuous launch of Blue.” He has also been quite active in attending meetings and communicating via email with Esther Crawford, the company’s director of product management.

In some countries, Musk recently introduced a Twitter Blue subscription that costs $8, and if individuals don’t purchase it, they would lose their verified checkmark. The launch of this service in India will happen within a month, according to Twitter’s new CEO.

According to the study, because businesses use the service to reach a wider audience, it was first thought that only corporate customers should pay for extra features (Blue subscription). According to the source, this suggestion was abandoned in favor of billing each confirmed user separately.

Users will see less advertising if they purchase the Twitter Blue subscription, according to a last-minute tweak made by Musk. According to reports, Twitter would “lose around $6 in ad revenue per user per month in the United States” as a result of this decision. In addition to giving Twitter Blue users priority in mentions, replies, and searches, Musk promises to give them access to extended films and audio files as well as half as many ad displays.

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