Elon Musk Next To Buy Manchester United 

Elon Musk Next To Buy Manchester United

A few hours after tweeting on Wednesday that he was buying the English soccer team Manchester United, billionaire Elon Musk says he was only joking.

Details About Manchester United to be bought by Elon Musk:

“No, this is an ongoing joke on Twitter,” the user responded when he was questioned about his intentions to purchase the club.

After a spate of subpar performances, Manchester United supporters have sought new ownership. I’m not buying any sports franchises, Elon Musk claimed after announcing that he was purchasing the team, calling it nothing more than a “long-running joke on Twitter.” 

One of the most well-known football teams in the world, Manchester United has a large international following. The club has a $2.08 billion market capitalization. The American Glazer family owns the football team, which has long been a household name.

According to a Reuters news story, the Glazer family did not immediately react to a request for comment.

Musk has a history of posting controversial or downright irreverent things on Twitter. The businessman claimed in April that he was purchasing Coca-Cola “to put the cocaine back in.

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