Following his fall for a part-time work fraud, a Gurugram man lost almost 70000 lakh

Following his fall for a part-time work fraud, a Gurugram man lost almost 70000 lakh

Online fraud instances have increased over the last few months. Online fraud has cost thousands of victims across the nation their money. Through social messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, scammers prey on unsuspecting individuals, luring them into part-time employment possibilities under the guise of making additional money. A man from Gurugram lost Rs 70 lakh after falling for a similar fraud, according to a reported case.

Details on following his fall for a part-time work fraud, a Gurugram man lost almost 70000 lakh

The victim, a resident of Sector 43 in Gurgaon, reportedly fell victim to scammers after receiving a message on his smartphone. The victim said that he received a message promising a part-time work opportunity to make extra money on February 27. Smaller chores included reviewing hotels and liking movies as part of the job. The con artists promised him a sizable commission in exchange. The victim, however, wound up in debt after believing the promise to be true since he borrowed money from his family and lost Rs 70 lakhs to the con artists.

“A commission of Rs 2,000–3,000 was offered to me. They made a brand-new bank account for me and put Rs 10,000 in it as a trial bonus. I was given 30 chores to complete, and after finishing the first level, I received credit for Rs 2,200. When I said yes, they wiped the account clean and demanded that I deposit Rs 10,000 once more,” the complainant claimed in the report. “After withdrawing the commission, they asked me if I wanted to continue, and when I said yes, they wiped the account clean.

The victim was able to view his commission in the account the con artists had opened after adding more funds. The scammers further boosted the amount that was displayed on the account to further entice the victim and win his trust so that he would deposit more money. “They kept me believing I was making a lot of money since so many people in their Telegram channel were providing screenshots of the money they made working for the scammers. However, a ‘premium’ work with a higher commission materialised out of nowhere. They required me to deposit Rs 63,000 to begin because it was a new task. After I deposited it, they sent me some money and a commission. I sent Rs. 27 lakh by the eighth day,” he continued.

The victim went on to say that when he attempted to withdraw his earnings, he received a message saying that because the sum was greater than Rs 2 lakh, he had to pay the scammers a security deposit equal to 50% of the whole amount.

It took me a while to send the money because I didn’t have enough of it. More tasks appeared after I sent a withdrawal request. I took my time and completed them all. I had already lost almost Rs. 70 lakh by this point. I went to the police after I reached my limit of withdrawal, the victim continued.

The victim, who had taken out loans against his home, his father’s property, and his company, allegedly wound up with a huge debt. “Earlier, I had a business, but in a month, I have lost it all,” he admitted.

Notably, the victim emphasises that the Telegram accounts via which he was connected to the scammers and the groups where all of the part-time assignments were distributed are still live even though his request to withdraw the money was denied.

The victim went to the police after realising it was a scam, and on May 17 a FIR was filed at the Cyber Crime police station under sections 419 and 420 of the Indian Penal Code.

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