Following the death of Cyrus Mistry, Gadkari makes seatbelts mandatory for all car occupants

seatbelts mandatory

Seatbelts mandatory for all passengers in vehicles, according to Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways.

“Seat belt use will now be required for everyone seated in the vehicle,” the Union Minister declared.

Details on Gadkari’s decision to make seatbelts mandatory for all car passengers:

According to Nitin Gadkari, “the government has today made a significant decision for the safety of the rear passengers. A seat belt is necessary for the back seat.”

Speaking at a press conference, he declared, “We have decided that there will be a seatbelt beep system for the back seats as well in automobiles.” Cyrus Mistry passed away on Sunday in a car accident on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. Mistry and three other passengers were crossing from Gujarat to Maharashtra when the accident in the Palghar area happened.

Experts and detractors pointed out flaws in the transportation and traffic management system in the wake of the tragic road accident that claimed the life of the former chairman of the Tata Group, Cyrus Mistry. Nitin Gadkari stated on Tuesday that all seatbelts are required for all passengers in a car, despite ongoing speculation regarding the regulations controlling seatbelts for vehicle occupants.

He emphasized that those who broke the regulation or defaulted would be fined.

“For not wearing a seat belt, a challan (punitive fine) will be accepted. The order would be carried out in three days, “said Nitin Gadkari.

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