Former Allen Weisselberg CFO of Donald Trump Organization Pleads Guilty For Tax Evasion

Former Allen Weisselberg CFO of Donald Trump Organization Pleads Guilty For Tax Evasion

Allen Weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the Trump family business and one of Donald Trump’s most dependable and devoted employees, entered a guilty plea on Thursday to 15 counts that included grand larceny, tax fraud, and falsifying business records. He is the most recent close associate of the 45th president to enter a guilty plea or receive a conviction at trial for a felony.

Let’s dive into the details of Former Allen Weisselberg CFO Tax Evasion:

Weisselberg altered his 2021 state court in lower Manhattan plea from not guilty to guilty. Weisselberg will serve five months in jail and be placed on five years of probation as part of a deal he negotiated with prosecutors that were laid out in court in exchange for testifying in the trial of the Trump Organization, his former co-defendant and longtime employer. He consented to give New York $1.9 million in overdue taxes, interest, and penalties, to New York State and New York City.

After then, Weisselberg’s lawyer Nicholas Gravante sent an email with a statement in which he claimed that his client had made a difficult choice. “He has decided to serve 100 days in prison rather than run the chance of serving 15 years. We are relieved that this is now behind him.” Weisselberg will receive formal sentencing following the Trump Organization trial, which is anticipated to take place this fall. Weisselberg was forewarned by Judge Juan Merchan that the plea agreement will be revoked and he may be sentenced to years in jail if he does not testify truthfully at trial.

From Donald Trump’s early seasons as The Apprentice’s host through his entire tenure in the White House and into his first year as a former president, the tax evasion plan spanned 16 years.

Despite not being indicted, Donald Trump’s family business, the Trump Organization, benefited from the scam by avoiding payroll taxes.

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