Google said the company will shortly release its ChatGPT rival

Google said the company will shortly release its ChatGPT rival

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has disclosed the company’s intention to integrate AI (artificial intelligence) technologies into its search engine. The CEO stated that users will “very soon” be able to “interact directly” with its “newest, most powerful model as a companion to search in experimental and imaginative ways” during the Q4 results call.

A brief about Google said the company will shortly release its ChatGPT rival:

For “factual” and conversational results, Google Search will use LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), Google’s proprietary language model. This news comes a day after a story claimed that Google was preparing to compete with ChatGPT, the popular AI-powered chatbot.

According to Pichai, testing of the enhanced search should begin in the “coming weeks and months.” This might occur at the Google IO 2023 event in May, which is the business’s yearly developer conference where it presents cutting-edge technology and software.

Pichai frequently brought up the capabilities of AI and how the world is prepared to use it throughout the results call, citing the enthusiastic reception that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has had from the general public. The most advanced technology we are developing right now, according to Pichai, is artificial intelligence. In addition, the executive stated, Google will offer new tools and APIs to partners and developers so they could create their “own applications and uncover new possibilities on AI.”

When a company engineer asserted that the talking chatbot was “sentient,” Google quickly courted controversy by showcasing the capabilities of the first-generation LaMDA at the 2021 edition of Google IO,. The engineer further asserted that the LaMDA-powered chatbot might support preconceptions that some people might consider to be racist and sexist. According to a report, Google is working on LaMDA to remedy these flaws and is also investigating alternative chatbots in light of ChatGPT’s growing popularity.

During the results call, Pichai addressed similar worries about AI chatbots and noted that the business has been investing for a while and that it is “obvious that the market is ready” (to use AI-powered platforms). He continues, “With all the investments we have made to ensure that we can develop AI properly and we’ll be careful,” I feel secure.

Additionally, it was said that Google is listening to employee feedback because several divisions have been instructed to step up efforts after the management designated ChatGPT as a “code red” situation. The study states that recent internal testing revealed LaMDA is improving and occasionally outperforming ChatGPT.

As long as it stays accessible and cost-free, ChatGPT will continue to be a favourite among users. ChatGPT has the ability to write articles, complete math tasks, and examine computer code.

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