HP and Google collaborate to produce Chromebooks in India

HP and Google collaborate to produce Chromebooks in India

Market leader in personal computers HP announced a collaboration with Google to produce Chromebooks in India. Affordably priced computers using Google’s Chromebook OS, chromebooks have accessibility and security features already built in. In India, Chromebooks now account for a low-single-digit percentage of HP’s overall product line. However, the decision to produce them locally will meet India’s demand for reasonably priced PCs, which comes primarily from the education sector. 

A brief about HP and Google collaborate to produce Chromebooks in India

India is putting a lot of emphasis on digital education, and many government schools are spending money on computers, including laptops, desktops, and tablets. Business Today has information that suggests that local Chromebook production (which costs between Rs 20,000 and 30,000) will likely aid HP in obtaining orders from local businesses. With their 11-inch Chromebooks, HP also aims to compete with the 9-inch tablet industry. 

Additionally, because Chromebooks have inexpensive hardware, even with local production, the prices would be competitive. Starting on October 2, these products will be produced at the Flex Facility outside of Chennai, where HP has been producing a variety of laptops and desktops since August 2020.  

“HP is committed to advancing digital equity, and we have been driving many initiatives to enable digital education across India,” stated Vickram Bedi, Senior Director-Personal Systems at HP India. Indian students will be able to easily access inexpensive PCs thanks to the manufacture of Chromebook laptops in India. We continue to assist the government’s Make in India agenda by growing our manufacturing activities.   

Google’s Chromebook is gaining popularity in India and throughout the education sector. 

“At Google, we’ve been working closely with the local education ecosystem, supporting them in their transition to digital-first learning experiences through our products and teacher programs,” said Bani Dhawan, Head of Education-South Asia. Our efforts to help the ongoing digital revolution of education in India take a significant step forward with the local production of Chromebooks in partnership with HP. With this partnership, we seek to hasten the adoption of technology in more educational institutions and give every student and teacher access to the resources they need to reach their full potential.  

By offering affordable, secure, and high-quality computing equipment to educational authorities, schools, and institutions, the two tech titans hope to strengthen the Indian digital education ecosystem and assist more students in improving their education. In K–12 education, Chromebooks are the most popular tool, benefiting more than 50 million students and instructors worldwide. 

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