If your CV contains these 2 things, Google won’t hire you

If your CV contains these 2 things, Google won't hire you

Many people desire to work for Google, yet finding employment there is challenging. A former Google executive who worked in the company’s recruiting department has provided some essential advice for job seekers that will help them land a position at Google.

A brief about If your CV contains these 2 things, Google won’t hire you

Because more than two million individuals apply for Google jobs each year, getting one is extremely difficult. Even more difficult than getting into Harvard is that! Therefore, you must be attentive when creating your CV if you hope to wow the recruiters and land your ideal job.

According to a Business Insider report, Nolan Church, a former Google recruiter who worked there from 2012 to 2015, says there are two major errors you should avoid making on your CV that would prevent you from being hired by the corporation. He refers to the first one as “brick texts.” It entails writing lengthy paragraphs that are packed with words yet lack comprehension. He claims that if your resume looks like this, there is no way you will advance in the hiring procedure.

Being succinct is the second critical component. That implies that you must be succinct and unambiguous in your communication. If you are unable to do that on your CV, it may be a sign that you find it difficult to communicate clearly at work.

Church advises adopting AI tools like ChatGPT or Grammarly to assist with these problems. Your resume can be polished and made to seem better using these tools.

To conserve money, Google recently let go of 12,000 workers. This suggests that they might be even more selective in their hiring decisions and hire fewer new employees. Making your CV stand out and avoiding typical blunders is crucial.

Over 20,000 resumes were submitted to Google during the 20 years that Laszlo Bock, another senior CEO, worked there. He also highlighted several typical mistakes. Many resumes were overly long, poorly formatted, or contained numerous mistakes. One page of a resume is recommended by Bock for every ten years of job experience. Recall that the resume is less important once you are in the interview room. So, make it straightforward and omit any extraneous details.

Take these advice seriously if you want to work for Google or any other competitive company. Your ability to secure your dream job depends entirely on how well-organized and succinct your CV is.

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