In April, Indians purchase mangoes worth Rs 25 crore on Zepto

Indians purchase mangoes worth Rs 25 crore on Zepto

Mango fixation is well-known among Indians, especially during the sweltering summer months. Indian mangoes are extremely sweet, rich, and smooth, and they are popular both domestically and overseas. Mangoes, commonly referred to as the “King of fruits,” are only available for a few months, which causes them to become a social and commercial phenomenon. People will do anything to get their hands on the nicest mangoes available so they may enjoy the summer to the fullest! Indians are really happy that mango season has arrived this year as well because they have already begun buying mangoes both offline and online.

In-depth details about in April, Indians purchase mangoes worth Rs 25 crore on Zepto

According to a recent report from the well-known grocery delivery service Zepto, it has already fulfilled mango orders of Rs 25 crore in the month of April and anticipates receiving additional orders as the mango craze continues.

According to the delivery app’s most recent data, there is a rise in demand for mangoes, both unripe and ripe. Zepto has received a staggering order of Rs 25 crore in the past month from just 10 cities where the app and its services are still available, with clients ordering raw mangoes costing Rs 25 lakhs.

According to the data, Alphonso, also known as “Hapus” mangoes, has defeated the competition by surpassing the other mango types to become the most popular option on Zepto, accounting for 30% of all mango purchases. Mango lovers in well-known places like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi are smitten with these Ratnagiri mangoes.

Alphonso is still in first place, followed by Andhra Pradesh’s Bainganpalli, who accounts for 25% of sales.

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