In Karnataka’s Kalaburagi, a student creates ‘anti-rape footwear’ using GPS

a student creates 'anti-rape footwear' using GPS

A pupil from a school in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi created anti-rape footwear to assist females in protecting themselves against rapists misbehaving with them.

Details about in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi, a student creates ‘anti-rape footwear’ using GPS

Vijaylakshmi Biradar, a class 10th student at SRN Mehta School in Kalburgi, is said to have created the device, which will allegedly rescue the females from being molested.

The Anti-Rape Footwear Mechanism:

When a perpetrator tries to assault a girl, Vijaylakshmi says she can kick them with anti-rape footwear. The culprit will be electrocuted by this footwear.

She disclosed the electricity travels through the footwear with the help of the batteries and it will support the girls in combating perpetrators.

Aside from that, it features an in-built GPS capability that will send an alarm to the girl’s parents, along with her current location.

Concerning the project, her instructor informed her that Vijaylakshmi began working on it in 2018 while she was in class 7 or 8. She also stated that Vijaylakshmi has received numerous honors and has been working on this project for quite some time.

Her concept recently won an International Invention and Innovation expo award in Goa.

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