In October, WhatsApp banned over 75 lakh fraudulent accounts in India

WhatsApp banned over 75 lakh fraudulent accounts in India

Throughout October, Meta-owned WhatsApp banned a record-breaking 7,548,000 accounts in India in order to enforce the new IT Rules 2021. According to WhatsApp’s monthly compliance report, 19,19,000 of these were proactively prohibited prior to user reports.

A brief about in October, WhatsApp banned over 75 lakh fraudulent accounts in India

With more than 500 million users in the nation, the platform had 9,063 reports of complaints in October. Twelve of these reports resulted in action, meaning that WhatsApp took corrective action in response to the reports, either by banning an account or restoring one that had previously been banned.

The goal of WhatsApp’s safety report is to present in-depth information about user complaints and the related actions that were taken, along with the platform’s proactive steps to prevent misuse.

By addressing their complaints over material, the Centre has launched the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) in an effort to empower Indians using social media. This body will assess user appeals against judgments made by social media platforms. It is a calculated attempt to support the nation’s digital legislation over Big Tech corporations.

“When it comes to preventing and addressing misuse, we lead the industry among end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms. WhatsApp stated, “We employ a team of engineers, data scientists, analysts, researchers, and professionals in law enforcement, online safety, and technological advancements to oversee these efforts in addition to our safety features and controls.

In the meantime, WhatsApp recently released an upgrade that included a secret code feature that allowed users to protect their private chats. For increased protection of their private chats, users can now choose to use their device’s biometric authentication or create custom passwords that include emoticons. Locking chats has gotten simpler, simplifying the process. To lock a chat, users simply need to long-press on the selected chat to bring up a menu.

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