In the near future, WhatsApp will allow you to change picture captions

In the near future, WhatsApp will allow you to change picture captions

In the past few days, WhatsApp has introduced a number of features, and the firm has just revealed yet another one that may be of great use to users. According to IANS, WhatsApp will soon provide caption editing for its users’ images, videos, GIFs, and documents. Some users have already received access to the new functionality, and the remaining users may do so in the days to come. Both Android and iOS users will have access to the feature.

Details on in the near future, WhatsApp will allow you to change picture captions

WhatsApp launched the ability to alter text messages within a chat in May of this year. After a user sends a message, it can be changed for up to 15 minutes. 

We’re thrilled to give you greater control over your chats, whether it’s to fix a tiny typo or add additional context to a message. Just long-press on a sent message and select “Edit” from the menu for up to fifteen minutes after, according to WhatsApp’s blog post at the time the feature was introduced.

However, it was previously impossible to alter captions on media communications like images, videos, and GIFs. By holding onto the sent media message with a caption and selecting the edit option, WhatsApp has now fixed this issue, allowing you to edit media messages in the same way as text messages. Media messages can be updated for up to 15 minutes after transmission, just like text messages can.

Recently, WhatsApp also made the eagerly anticipated announcement that users will be able to transmit HD photographs via the app. Prior to this, WhatsApp automatically compressed photos, which frequently led to poor image quality. However, with the help of this feature, users won’t have to worry about their high-quality images becoming compressed when sending them to their contacts.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, posted on Facebook about the update as well. In his message, he said, “Sharing photos on WhatsApp just got an upgrade — now you can send in HD.” A video that showed how to share photographs in HD or regular resolution was also included in the message. Sending images continues to be done in the same way. The “HD” option, however, is located above the pen and crop tools. Users can choose between a regular or HD quality shot from this point.

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