India launches ‘mPassport Police App’ to complete police verifications

India launches 'mPassport Police App' to complete police verifications

The Central Government has launched the’mPassport Police App’ in order to expedite the passport verification process.

The change will not only speed up the passport verification procedure, but it will also aid in the timely updating and issue of passports, as all verifications will now take five days.

Details about India launches ‘mPassport Police App’ to complete police verifications

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday the launch of an’mPassport Police App’ to significantly streamline and expedite the passport issuance process.

“Police verification is an essential component of the passport issuance process. Many initiatives have been taken to simplify and speed the procedure. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created the mPassport Police App to help speed up the process “According to the Regional Passport Office in Delhi.

On Thursday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah dedicated 350 mobile tablets to Delhi Police Special Branch employees in honour of Delhi Police Raising Day.

As a result, the entire police verification and report submission process would be digital and paperless.

According to officials, employing tablets for verification will reduce the verification period from 15 days to five days, ultimately shortening the passport issuing timeframe by ten days.

The Regional Passport Office has declared it was committed to effective service delivery and ‘Digital India’.

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