Indian Government Proposes Law To Access WhatsApp, Other Apps’ Encrypted Calls & Messages

Encrypted Calls & Messages

A new law that would allow for the interception of encrypted calls & messages on instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Signal has been suggested by the Indian government.

In 2022, end-to-end encryption will be the first thing users look for when downloading a new app. The discussion cannot be read by anybody besides the sender and the recipient thanks to this feature. If a report is filed, WhatsApp claims to only have access to a select few messages. If not, nobody will be able to view or read the chats.

Details about Indian Government Proposes Law To Access WhatsApp, Other Apps’ Encrypted Calls & Messages

On Wednesday, a new draught telecommunications bill was released, and it calls for the ability to go around this encryption. Anything related to broadcasting, email, voice mail, videotex & audio text services, and internet services are all considered telecommunication services under the bill. Additionally, it includes internet-based communication services like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram as well as over-the-top (OTT) communication services.

The government is currently looking for public input on the draught. It’s crucial to understand that, should this legislation pass, the government will also be able to listen in on voice and video communications made using WhatsApp or other comparable apps.

The industry that currently places a high priority on user security and data privacy would be significantly impacted by the proposed rule.

The state or the federal government may defeat encryption “on the occurrence of any public emergency or in the interest of the public safety,” according to a portion of the draught. The government may listen in on your private talks if doing so is necessary for maintaining India’s sovereignty and integrity.

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