India’s first dengue vaccine Obtain approval for the first phase of clinical trials

India's first dengue vaccine

The dengue vaccine’s Phase-1 study has been approved by Indian Immunologicals Limited, one of the nation’s top vaccine producers. The National Institute of Health, situated in the US, is working on developing this vaccine.

Details on India’s First Dengue Vaccine Obtain Approval

Dengue incidences totaled 1,93,245 last year, with 346 fatalities, according to the National Center for Vector Borne Diseases Control. Dengue infections have already been reported in over 30,000 persons this year, and during the heaviest rainy season, those numbers are expected to rise quickly.

Dengue cases often increase yearly from July to November, primarily due to water logging and unclean locations. The peak of the illness follows the monsoon since it has a seasonal rhythm.

A female Aedes mosquito bite is how the dengue virus is spread. Aedes only flies during the day and has a maximum altitude of 400 meters. Once the temperature drops below 16 degrees, dengue mosquitoes are unable to reproduce.

According to experts, the vaccine, which is anticipated to become available in two years, will lower the frequency of dengue, the cost of hospitalization, and most critically, the fatality rate.

For use in children aged 9 to 16 who have laboratory-verified evidence of a prior dengue virus infection and reside in dengue-prone areas, the Dengvaxia vaccine is available in the United States.

Even though Americans have started giving out the vaccine, doctors have not yet determined how it would stop the four dengue virus strains that are continually changing in India.

In April this year, the Indian Council of Medical Research formally joined the worldwide market to produce the dengue vaccine.

According to records, Panacea Biotec Limited and Sanofi India Private Limited are also working on two other dengue vaccines after gaining authorization for clinical testing.

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