KFC India launched it’s New Ad Film Featuring Allu Arjun & Colonel Sanders Enjoying Peri Peri Chicken

Allu Arjun & Colonel Sanders KFC India

On Monday, KFC India unveiled a new advertisement starring Allu Arjun and Colonel Sanders. Ogilvy is in charge of carrying out the campaign, and First Frame Entertainment is in charge of making the campaign’s promotional video. In KFC’s newest movie, Arjun is seen adamantly proclaiming, “Apun ko aansu acha nahi lagta hai, na emotion wala, na mirchi wala,” after struggling to find the “perfect spice.”

Details about Allu Arjun & Colonel Sanders KFC India

A mouthwatering close-up of Allu Arjun biting into the new KFC Peri Peri Chicken gives us a taste of the Peri Peri flavoring over a piece of perfectly crispy chicken as the movie begins with him acting suavely at a KFC outlet. When he says in his distinctive manner, “Apun ko aansu acha nahi lagta hai, na emotion wala, na mirchi wala,” he still has that perceptive bite. As he requests the Colonel, the tension builds. 

As a bewildered Colonel approaches him, eager to hear Allu Arjun’s opinion on the product, it’s nothing less than an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Allu Arjun begins, “Spice,” takes a dramatic pause, and then exclaims, “Correct hai boss!” Allu Arjun declares that KFC Peri Peri is “soooper very very,” and the Colonel joins in by mimicking his characteristic Pushpa move, which causes a celebration to break out.

“Peri Peri is already popular as a flavor. But when we tried the Peri Peri at KFC, we understood it was something exceptional. We were certain that this would be more than just a hit; it would be a super hit. And who better than Allu Arjun to give the thumbs up to something really hit? As a result, Ritu Sharda, chief creative officer north of Ogilvy, stated, “We converted the tasting into a theatrical advertisement with all the bells and whistles, and it culminated with our Colonel Sanders performing Allu’s characteristic move.

“Working together on KFC’s Peri Peri campaign was fantastic. It has been a pleasure working with the original Colonel Sanders on their new enticing peri peri sprinkle. Chicken Peri Peri, soooper so very! is all I have to say about Allu Arjun’s most recent KFC movie

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