Lamborghini Top Executive says that car already Sold Out For The Year In India

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Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturer of ultra-luxury vehicles, has already exceeded its goal for India in the first month of 2023. Francesco Scardaoni, director of Lamborghini for Asia and the Pacific, told Times of India that they have “already sold out for the year.” The company, which offers a variety of cars in India starting at 3.8 crore, reported record sales in India in 2022 with 92 units, up 33% from the year before. The previous year’s best sales in the nation were 69 units in 2021. Prior to that, it had sold 52 units overall in 2019, which was its greatest sales year.

Details about Lamborghini Top Executive says that car already Sold Out For The Year In India

Almost 100 cars are expected to be sold by the company in India, and the majority of them have already been ordered. As the influence of Covid fades globally, according to Mr. Scardaoni, businesspeople and ultra-high net worth individuals (UHINs) are driving the surge in sales.

When asked if this is a “golden moment” for luxury automakers, Lamborghini’s senior executive responded, “Looks like whatever we produce sells pretty good.”

Commenting about the Lamborghini trend around the world, Mr. Scardaoni commented, “More are being purchased. In our line of work, an order book typically spans more than 18 months. For the record, the production for 2023 has already been consumed. Now, we are selling (for) 2024. And the fact that the daily order book is still so high amazes us.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Scardaoni voiced his reservations regarding India’s high import levies and insufficient road infrastructure.

Sharad Agarwal, the country manager for the company, had stated last month that Lamborghini would be introducing its first hybrid car globally and that attempts would be made to get the vehicle to India as soon as possible.

“Starting this year, we will embark on our company’s next phase, during which we will hybridize every model we offer. And then in 2024, we’ll introduce the hybrid Urus as well as the new hybrid V10, which will be the Huracan’s successor and an entirely new vehicle “According to Mr. Agarwal, PTI.

According to him, India would be one of Lamborghini’s fastest-growing markets worldwide and in Asia Pacific in 2022.

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