LinkedIn Launches to Pin Comments in Reply Chains Option

Linkedin Launches Pin Comments

LinkedIn Launches to Pin Comments in Reply Chains Option. You may now pin a comment inside the LinkedIn post reply box, which may assist to emphasize the finest comments and increase interaction with your posts.

Details about LinkedIN launches Pin Comments in Reply Chains:

You may now pin a comment from the three dots menu, which will maintain that particular response at the top of the reply chain, as demonstrated in this example by Lindsey Gamble of Mavrck.

Which, as previously mentioned, could be a useful approach to direct the relevant conversation or to merely thank users who have responded to your post in a unique or insightful way.

Business users have had the option to pin updates to their LinkedIn Company Pages for a long time, and you can also ‘highlight’ your best postings at the top of your profile, which is functionally equivalent to pinning.

But now that you can pin individual comments as well, there are new things to think about while using the LinkedIn app to communicate with your network and maximise engagement.

All users now have the option to Pin comments, and you can unpin a comment from a pinned response’s three dots menu.

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