Man delivering pizza for Domino’s spotted soaring above Glaston while wearing a jetpack

Man delivering pizza for Domino's spotted soaring above Glaston while wearing a jetpack

This year’s Glastonbury festival in the United Kingdom is going to be a very special treat for pizza lovers. The well-known pizza restaurant Domino’s has generated a lot of buzz online for a new kind of pizza delivery service. The use of jet suits is demonstrated in the social media video. As music fans get ready to take part in the festivities at Worthy Farm in Somerset, the Daily Mirror reports that their pizza needs will be catered to in an unprecedented way. Domino’s just began testing the first pizza delivery service using a jet suit. The video shows a pilot in a specially built jetpack flying gracefully above the pizza shop in Glastonbury. with a delivery box that was especially made being firmly fastened to the jet suit. The pilot soars into the air while gracefully gliding over the broad fields of Glastonbury, propelled by jet-engine driven arm mounts.

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With the aid of the jet suit, the delivery driver carefully lands once he arrives at the desired area. The driver makes a casual and chic delivery of pizzas and sides before reversing course. Domino’s worked with Gravity Industries to design specialised jet suits, each costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, to ensure the pizzas are delivered hot and fresh. Viewers may see this creative pizza delivery service in action on YouTube, where the video has already attracted attention.

According to the Daily Mirror, Domino’s collaborated with Gravity Industries to pioneer the usage of jet suits for pizza delivery, which is how they accomplished this amazing achievement. Using his own words, Sam Wilson, Domino’s Jet Suit Deployment Director, explained what motivated him to use such an unusual delivery strategy: When they realised they couldn’t serve slices inside the event, he said, “We took inspiration from this year’s headliner to launch our own rapid delivery trial – it was kind of a no-brainer.”

According to Daily Mirror, a representative for Gravity Industries emphasised their enthusiasm for this remarkable partnership. Pizza isn’t typically included in our flight plans, so employing the Jet Suit to keep food sizzling hot is definitely an uncommon use of our technology, the representative said. But being able to beat the standard delivery time while flying through Somerset fields and providing campers with pizza highlights the potential of a quick delivery service.

The pizza chain made a suggestion regarding a future statewide fleet propelled by rockets, but has not confirmed it.

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